Best Electronic Cigarettes – Why Is This Critical..

Posted by Clay on August 7, 2019

A lot more than two million individuals Britain now use Best E Cigarette, although 59% also smoke regular cigarettes alongside, new figures suggest. Estimates from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed you can find 2.2 million current e-cigarette users – 4% of the population. Approximately half (53%) of electronic cigarette users said they used vaping as being an aid to quitting regular smoking.

The info also suggests there are 3.9 million people who are former users of e-cigarettes as well as a further 2.6 million people said they had tried an electronic cigarette but never proceeded to use it. Just over 1 in 5 (22%) of current users said their primary reason for vaping is that they feel e-cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes. One in 10 (9%) said their major reason was because they can use e-cigarettes indoors.

A fairly small number (56,000) of current electronic cigarette users have never previously smoked, the information showed. From the former electronic cigarette users, three-quarters said they were currently smoking cigarettes. Some 59% of the current users said they also smoked cigarettes (1.3 million). With regards to regular cigarette smoking, the numbers who smoke will continue to fall. In 2014, 19% of adults smoked, with 20% of men smoking – the best on record. Some 17% of females smoked, slightly up on the previous year.

Senior ONS statistician Jamie Jenkins said: “These figures continue a lengthy-term trend for fewer men and women to smoke cigarettes – only 19% of adults today in comparison with 46% when our survey began in 1976. “While the majority of people are employing e-cigarettes as an aid to quit smoking it seems like they don’t work with everyone, as three-quarters of former vapers remain smoking cigarettes.” The most frequent age group for ladies to vape is 35 to 44. Among men, most users are aged 45 to 64. Most people (67%) make use of an e-cigarette every day and a further 19% utilize one at least once every week.

People tend to prefer e-cigarettes that do not resemble a cigarette. Dr Penny Woods, chief executive from the British Lung Foundation, said: “It is actually encouraging that the number of adult smokers will be the lowest on record, but we can’t be complacent. “Smoking cessation services – the best way of helping people quit – are under threat round the country as a result of budget cuts. If we would like to continue helping people to quit and search after their lung health, investment during these vital services must be protected.

“While there is still an absence of data on the long term health impact of e-cigarettes, it is actually encouraging to note that three-quarters of people now know that vaping is significantly less harmful than smoking. “E-cigarettes shouldn’t be viewed as a permanent substitute for smoking, and these figures confirm which they don’t benefit everyone as a quitting aid. “However, should you haven’t successfully quit using other methods, including your local quitting smoking services, this could well be worth trying e-cigarettes, with an purpose of eventually quitting them as well.”

Deborah Arnott, chief executive of Action on Smoking and Health, said the slowdown in the numbers of people giving up smoking was worrying there was actually a necessity for an extensive tobacco control policy. She added: “The aovfgc on electronic cigarettes show that the majority of users are smokers that are making use of them to quit smoking. This really is encouraging as e-cigarettes are far safer than cigarettes and tobacco products and ultizing them as being a quitting aid will significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer caused by smoking.”